Ghiorghi & Cristina Cazacu

Ghiorghi and Cristina Cazacu founded Gospel Ministries International and Hope for the Family in 1996. For 22 years, God has used them to transform nations through a network of pastors and evangelists who proclaim the Gospel and have planted dozens of churches in four Eastern European nations (Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Ukraine) and India. GMI has also had the opportunity to minister in Kenya, Nigeria, and Peru. GMI trains and equips these men and women through Bible school training and ongoing discipleship through pastor and leadership conferences. Alongside this army of the Lord, the Cazacus provide humanitarian relief to the orphanages, poor, widows, and elderly. GMI helps support rehabilitation centers while national missionaries are active in prison ministries, summer camps, and feeding programs. GMI encourages and assists when able for families to become self-sufficient with small businesses such as bee farms or greenhouses. Institutionalized children are being placed in loving Christian families called Homes of Hope.


W: P: 618-239-0215

NEED: $5,000 for travel money