John E. & Cindy Mortimer

Deep in the Amazon Jungle of Peru, South America is where you will find us ministering to the Peruvian & Native Indians that have yet to hear about the Lord Jesus Christ. We raise them up to become Pastors & Leaders, Men and Women of God that will last for generations. We have served and lived full time on the Mission Field in Peru for around 38 years. We have seen many healings & miracles and the hand of the Lord upon our lives and others we have trained and sent. Also, have a Rehab Center under our Ministry that our Daughter Melissa and Son-in-Law Carlos run. We use many kinds of different boats and soon to add Aircraft to that list to reach farther into the Jungle of the Amazon for the Lord. Until we bring them Jesus, all they know of the spirit world is Witchcraft. Our Hearts are for people to Know Jesus!


P: 715-563-8868

NEED: A port to send, receive and maintain our boats and future aircraft ($50,000)