Rey & Rita Perez

Rita my wife and I are pastors of a church called Iglesia Rios de Eden (Rivers of Eden Church). We have been missionaries in Mexico since 1992. We worked under a missionary in Zacatecas, Mexico for 3 years until the Lord called us to start a church in Guanajuato, Mexico. We will be working here in Guanajuato for 25 years in September of this year and 28 years total in Mexico. My wife and I preach, teach in our church. We also lead praise and worship at times. We have been in a building process for about 4 years and have about 75 percent finished. At this time, our church is using the internet because of the covid-19 to have our church services and reaching out to people that do not know the Lord. Lord willing, we will start having our regular church services in the near future.



P: 210-390-4961

Need: We are in need of finances for our sanctuary floor. Our plans are to have it smooth out and apply color and sealant. Our estimated cost for the materials and labor would be around $3000.