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Kelton & Sharon Black

Kelton & Sharon Black

Kelton & Sharon serve as senior pastors at Gospel Tabernacle Ministry. They lead a team ministry in South West England serving their area. Kelton has responsibilities with two national U.K. organizations. He is a trustee for International Gospel Outreach (a network of pastors and leaders), and coach/mentor with Church Planting Initiative UK. They are also developing extensive ministries in Europe, training and establishing leaders. They are extending their Skype Bible schools including into Pakistan.

E: kelton.black@sky.com

P: 01278792409

Doug & Angie Pitman

Doug & Angie Pitman

The Lord has opened the door for us to work in 12 European nations with a clear focus of 1. Preaching the gospel (Evangelism) 2. Equipping leaders (Training pastors, discipleship, leadership training) 3. Mobilizing the church in the global harvest. There are many testimonies of transformed lives and healing miracles.

E: dougpitman@gmail.com

P: 210-355-7248

Need: $3,200 for ministry travel expenses to Ukraine, Hungary and Transnistria November – December 2020

Ron & Christi Bishop

Bishop, Ron & Christi

Christi and I have been in ministry 50 years and missions 37 years in Africa and Europe as residents. Training leaders and giving counsel to missionaries who are on site.

E: Ron.Bishop@me.com

W: www.ShepherdShapers.com

P: 210-774-5353


John & Colleen Smith

John & Colleen Smith

Our ministry is Bridgebuilders International, and we serve in Belize and Malawi. We’re passionate about coming alongside pastors and leaders and help them carry out the vision God has given to them by encouraging them and giving them the tools they need. We serve through teaching, relationship building, children’s ministry, youth outreach, coming alongside pastors with disaster relief, helping to feed people, as well as doing manual labor in the church and in the community.

E: ultraclassic95@hotmail.com

P: 218-428-0174

Need: An additional $2,000 in monthly support

Jerry & Rachel Witt

Jerry & Rachel Witt

There are people in the mountains and cities of Mexico who have been forgotten or rejected by society or the church. We love on them by dedicating time and effort through service, discipleship, and leadership training.

E: jerryrachel@hotmail.com

Need: Airplane ($60,000)

Evan & Becky Erickson

Evan & Becky Erickson

From 1970, serving African Church, partnering with Kenyan brethren in KBC, training, mentoring laborers for the African harvest, church building, evangelism, building up the body of Christ!

E: mzee6789@aol.com

P: 765-462-8843

Kleon & Kathy Cronk

Cronk, Kleon & Kathleen

The Omega team in the Philippines is reaching the Muslims of southern Mindanao. There are frequent disasters (natural) in that area, so one of the ministry areas is disaster relief… and Jesus! The Omega team in the Philippines also has an outreach to Viet Nam, where they are teaching English and using the Bible as one of the text books. Please pray for them.

E: kleonc@centurylink.net

P: 715-635-3566

Ronnie & Lucy Casillas

Ronnie & Lucy Casillas

As missionary evangelists, we are called to reach the lost by “Sounding Out to the Nations” through conferences, crusades, and revivals. We preach Jesus the Miracle Worker and oftentimes the miraculous manifests to touch people and changes the culture. Our vision is carried out as we collaborate with missionaries and church leaders who are in the field to set up our services.

E: r_casillas_ibc@yahoo.com

W: rfm1.com P: 316-880-5680

NEED: $1,000 for medical expenses

Helena Mortimer

Helena Mortimer

Helena Mortimer embarked on a life in missions with her late husband, John F. Mortimer, in 1974. They pioneered work in Mexico for several years as a stepping stone towards working in South America. For the last 32 years, the Mortimer family has worked and served in Iquitos, building churches in remote villages on Amazon tributaries, and coordinating ministry and humanitarian efforts throughout the region. The Mortimer mission’s family continues to the 4th generation, with a heart to make John F. Mortimer’s ambitious ministry dreams a reality. John’s adventurous spirit and big-dreams heart can be seen in the lives of his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, along with many others who have come alongside as partners in ministry.

E: johnhmort@gmail.com

P: 715-468-2895

John Vince & Megan Mortimer

John Vince & Megan Mortimer

I ” Vince” was born and raised on the Mission Field and called to be a Missionary at the age of 16. (4th. Generation Missionary), Vice President of our ministry in Peru. Our families have been ministering in the Jungle of Peru, South America way before I was born. To reach deep into the Jungles and Tributaries to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost there. We have used many types of boats over the years as the rivers are our roads. As our ministry has grown, we have found the need for Aircraft also. I became a pilot and we have been working on 2 light sport Drifters to hopefully soon be able to ship to Peru and use for our ministry there. As God leads we’ll continue to reach the lost of the Amazon. Thank you for your prayers & support.

E: jvmortimer@hotmail.com

P: 715-939-0923 Need: Funds to go towards airplane needs (parts, shipping costs, etc)

Jean & Eva Ngirwe

Jean & Eva Ngirwe

Void Filling Empowerment helps plant and multiply churches in Congo, Uganda, and Kenya. With humanitarian work, we give school supplies to underprivileged children to support their education. We also give sanitary towels to the girls living in the slums in Kenya.

E: jean@thefillers.org

P: 715-370-3184

Need: We are believing God for $6,000 for a minivan to use on the mission field.

Tim & JoAnn Bauer

Tim & JoAnn Bauer

Tim & JoAnn live in Malaysia where they teach at YWAM Training schools throughout South Asia and mentor young Asian Missionaries to the peoples of Asia and beyond.

E: tbauer29@gmail.com

P: 808-987-5645

NEED: Monthly Support

Rey & Rita Perez

Rey & Rita Perez

Rita my wife and I are pastors of a church called Iglesia Rios de Eden (Rivers of Eden Church). We have been missionaries in Mexico since 1992. We worked under a missionary in Zacatecas, Mexico for 3 years until the Lord called us to start a church in Guanajuato, Mexico. We will be working here in Guanajuato for 25 years in September of this year and 28 years total in Mexico. My wife and I preach, teach in our church. We also lead praise and worship at times. We have been in a building process for about 4 years and have about 75 percent finished. At this time, our church is using the internet because of the covid-19 to have our church services and reaching out to people that do not know the Lord. Lord willing, we will start having our regular church services in the near future.

E: reyperez4@hotmail.com

W: www.facebook.com/reyritaperez

P: 210-390-4961

Need: We are in need of finances for our sanctuary floor. Our plans are to have it smooth out and apply color and sealant. Our estimated cost for the materials and labor would be around $3000.

Carl & Patricia

Carl & Patricia

Our ministry and calling are to be a witness to God’s Chosen People. The 400-foot color mural of the Bible of both the old and new testament painted by Patricia is located in a historic international cemetery. Four to five thousand people from all over the world come to visit each year. This year Patricia is taking the Hebrew Ulpan to learn to be conversant in Hebrew and better able to shine the light of the Gospel.

E: p_solveson@hotmail.com

P: 715-733-0665

Need: $4,600 for lodging for the Hebrew Ulpan School.

Kossi “Joel” Kpodja

Kossi “Joel” Kpodja

Under the hand of God Ministries, int. is located in Togo West Africa. Since 2002, under the hand of God has been working in fulfilling the Great Commission. We are commissioned to win souls, we hold crusade, revival, seminars.

E: Kpodja3@yahoo.fr

W: Joelkpodjaministries.com

P: 608-279-5433

NEED: We earnestly need to purchase the land where the headquarters of the ministry is now located. We have leased the land and it must be purchased.

Yves Regaillard

Yves Regaillard

I start and build churches and currently oversee 55 in Haiti and 7 in the Dominican Republic. I also have 11 schools and 2 orphanages. I provide pastors with regular seminars as well as assist them as they lead and serve the people in their own churches and communities.

E: haitimissions@hotmail.com

W: helphaitimissions.com

P: 509-4741-4945 (text)

Need: $8,000 for San Juan DR

Felipe & Joy Sarres

Felipe & Joy Sarres

We work with House of Prayer in Mexico, training worship leaders and intercessors to establish cultures of prayer in their cities and their villages to transform their atmosphere. We have someone from our House of Prayer who is going into a new city to start another House of Prayer in November. We also teach Bible lessons to the kids, using puppets, through our YouTube channel and Facebook page

E: joy.cassellius@gmail.com

W: tamanvalles.com

Need: $3,000 to buy equipment to record kids videos and live stream the House of Prayer

Noe & Holly Clemente

Noe & Holly Clemente

“Family Ministries with a Heart for the Nations” We minister to families through workshops and community outreach, we help churches start missions programs, and we train children’s ministers and volunteers throughout Mexico.

E: clementesmx@yahoo.com

W: todayforchrist.net

P: 608-429-4271

NEED: Monthly Support

Ghiorghi & Cristina Cazacu

Ghiorghi & Cristina Cazacu

Ghiorghi and Cristina Cazacu founded Gospel Ministries International and Hope for the Family in 1996. For 22 years, God has used them to transform nations through a network of pastors and evangelists who proclaim the Gospel and have planted dozens of churches in four Eastern European nations (Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Ukraine) and India. GMI has also had the opportunity to minister in Kenya, Nigeria, and Peru. GMI trains and equips these men and women through Bible school training and ongoing discipleship through pastor and leadership conferences. Alongside this army of the Lord, the Cazacus provide humanitarian relief to the orphanages, poor, widows, and elderly. GMI helps support rehabilitation centers while national missionaries are active in prison ministries, summer camps, and feeding programs. GMI encourages and assists when able for families to become self-sufficient with small businesses such as bee farms or greenhouses. Institutionalized children are being placed in loving Christian families called Homes of Hope.

E: gmiius@sbcglobal.net

W: gmii.org P: 618-239-0215

NEED: $5,000 for travel money

Julius & Ruth Morar

Julius & Ruth Morar

Working in India & Nepal for the last 30 Years. Rescuing girls that are victims of Human Trafficking. Feed and educate Untouchable and Unprivileged children. Plant churches thru the help of our Bible College students. Print material for preaching the Gospel. Audio/Video Ministry for the illiterates.

E: jmorar@msn.com

P: 817-716-5396

Need: $6,000 towards rescuing girls from human trafficking.

Kingsley & Cathy Armstrong

Kingsley & Cathy Armstrong

The Joshua Project (J16) seeks to help the Body of Christ discover its God-given purpose. As Joshua’s job was to enable people to inherit the land, so our ministry seeks to release people into their ministry. We seek to achieve this by traveling to churches holding conferences etc. worldwide.

E: kingsleynarmstrong@googlemail.com

W: thejoshuaproject.co.uk

P: +44 (0) 7712323027

NEED: Leader’s Conference in Ethiopia ($4,500)

Wade & Linda Thompson

Wade & Linda Thompson

Wade and Linda Thompson have been serving the Body of Christ by equipping and developing Believers to ensure that their spiritual gifts, natural abilities, and learned skills are on their way to being fully understood and activated; therefore the Believer will be well on his or her way to understanding their God-given assignment in life. Wade and Linda believe that every Believer is a leader and needs encouragement, discipleship, and training. Their ministry Purpose and Focusis to equip, activate, and release all generations into their unique spiritual, and emotional growth tracks & spheres of Influence.

E: destinyleadership2009@gmail.com

P: 281-935-8435

Need: Small travel trailer to be more mobile for traveling in the U.S.

Jonathan & Raquel Thompson

Jonathan & Raquel Thompson

We reach the Mexican youth with the Gospel, and train them to answer God’s call to missions.

E: jonagemini1@aol.com

Need: $1,500 for travel and Vehicle maintenance

Charles & Joan Dewing

Charles & Joan Dewing

We have been involved in evangelism and church planting in the Philippines since 1976. In the last thirteen years, we have also been involved in maritime ministry with seafarers from around the world. Our ministry has taken us to around forty countries. This year we were in the Philippines until Joan had a stroke in February. We are in touch with seafarers and pastors via internet due to the Corona Virus.

E: suncoastprayingalwaysluke18one@gmail.com

P: 727-459-1981

Need: $2,000 for Bible distribution in different languages 

Bobby & April Sayre

Bobby & April Sayre

We are working in Osaka, Japan, telling people about Jesus. We teach English & work with churches, using this as a platform to share the Gospel.

E: Bobbysayre@gmail.com

W: Tellingasia.com

P: 916-886-9429

Need: Monthly support

V & J

V & J and family

V and J are involved in discipleship and education in Asia. They have started a small church and Christian school with a heart to disciple and mobilize the church to reach the lost. In addition to preaching in their church each week and running the school, V is involved in speaking/preaching in churches, training pastors, leading Bible studies, training others to start more Bible studies, as well as writing and producing Gospel-centered music in Hindi/Urdu. J is focused on teaching and admin work for the school and discipling the students and teachers.

As God directs their paths, they sense that in this season His aim is to use them to strengthen the church and call believers back to the Gospel and the Word of God.

Need: Funds for making music videos for their music.

Martin & Helen Fessler

Martin & Helen Fessler

Discipling leadership that will, in turn, disciple their Nations from the top down in “knowing God”.

E: martinhelenfessler@gmail.com

P: 210-587-7066

Dean & Melissa Lowman

Dean & Melissa Lowman

Heaven’s Reach was founded in 2004 to serve God through community outreach and started working in Honduras that same year. We moved to Honduras in 2007 hosting teams, doing remote medical clinics, teaching nutrition and gardening, and evangelizing the department of Intibuca. Currently, we have a church, a feeding center, a teaching farm, and two clinics. We also host pastor, leaders, and other conferences. We host teams and interns that help us with the work.

E: dean@heavensreach.org

W: heavensreach.org

P: 608-279-5433

Need: $5,000 towards new clinic in Romania.

Ron & Rina Kinnear

Ron & Rina Kinnear

Africa Missions has planted churches and trained pastors for the ministry for the past 25 years. We have a very successful soul-winning project. In the past10 years, we have registered over 170,000 first-time decisions for Christ and empowered 3,800 pastors to grow their local churches. Our main focus is in Central East Africa. We have now moved into Muslim territory in Ethiopia, and soon plan to launch into Sudan and Egypt.

E: africams@mweb.co.za

W: africamissions.org.za

P: 1-918-207-6839

NEED: $10,000 towards launching church plantings.

Paul & Teresa Stillwell

Paul & Teresa Stilwell

We are church planters represented by our Missions to Latin America, Inc., planting Hispanic churches. We preside over our group of 5 churches in the state of Guerrero, Mexico (two of which we planted), and pastor an immigrant church we planted in Lakeville, MN. An important emphasis of our ministry is producing a vast library of Hispanic resources for church planters.

E: mexmission@gmail.com

W: mexmission.com

P: 612-558-1230

Need: $5,000 for a food bank

Sheldon & Elaine Dwyer

Sheldon & Elaine Dwyer

Our ministry is mostly with Pastors and Bible school students. We worked in short term Bible schools on several islands, We started a two year Bible school in 1977 and developed most of the curricula for the school. We have printed twenty books. Several are translated into different languages and dialects. “Building on the Rock“ four-part series has been translated into Tagalog, Cebuano, Vietnamese, and Hindi.

E: sheldon_dwyer@yahoo.com

P: 715-637-3318

NEED: Our present project is to help a pastor build a second floor on his growing church. Total $30,000. Can be done in four parts at $7,500.

Chris & Becky Ranalli

Chris & Becky Ranalli

Ministering in Ecuador 23 years in the city of Riobamba to the pastors and churches . We also work with church planters along the coast of Ecuador.

E: theranallis@yahoo.com

W: www.transformationmissions.org

P: 225-241-9430

Need: $3,000 for COVID relief for pastors in Ecuador

Ed & Pam Norris

Ed & Pamela Norris

In Kursk, Russia, Ed & Pam, and family, along with youth from Africa and Asia, started (English language) Word of Christ Church International (WCCI). These ‘youth’, who are studying/studied medicine & other technical subjects, are now spread far and wide in many nations. As Mom & Dad to young people far from home, WCCI’S greatest success has been in one on one discipleship, preparing leaders for the nations.

E: norrises2thenations@gmail.com

W: worldim.com P: 830-629-0863

Need: Finances for the church building

Marc & Lisa Strenke

Marc & Lisa Strenke

We have been serving in a small fishing village in Lozandier, Haiti for the past 10 years. We currently have a thriving church that serves the community for Sunday Worship and houses the school during the week. We currently have 110 children that attend. Their needs are served through Christian education, a daily meal, and medical/dental care.

E: mlstrenke@aol.com

W: lozandiermissions.org

P: 715-641-2374

Need: $30/month child sponsorships

David & Lois Garrison

David & Lois Garrison

Holy Land Ministries operated two Christian schools in the West Bank of Israel (Palestine). The Hebron school has all Muslim students, and we have been ministering to those families for over 65 years. Our Bethlehem Academy opened in 2014, ministers to both Muslim and (traditional) Christian families. Both schools offer a safe place to learn and grow and be exposed daily to the truth of the gospel message, in a region that is rife with confusion and chaos.

E: davegarrison33@gmail.com

W: hlmschools.org P: 317-750-4422

NEED: Increased monthly support.

Diane Brask

Brask, Diane

Global Seed Planters is focused on bringing the love of Jesus in spiritual and practical ways to the ends of the earth in the 10/40 window. We focus on Unreached People Groups living in the strongholds of Buddhism. Hinduism, Islam, and Communism. We accomplish our mission through our 3 ministry initiatives: 1) Operation Unreached. 2) Sister Acts. 3) Story Revolution.

E: gobraski@gmail.com

W: globalseedplanters.org

P: 715-220-8835

NEED: Our need is $25 which will help to provide monthly support to an indigenous missionary.

Eric & Meghan Mayer

Eric & Megan Mayer

Eric and Megan are originally from Wisconsin. They were married in 2014, and have two sons, Stephen (2) and Gideon (9mths). They believe God has a heart and passion for the English people of this generation; that He has a desire for them to leave behind the isolation and emptiness and be engaged with Him. The vision is to see a gospel-centered ministry take root among the young adults that builds leaders who impact their community for the Lord. Their prayer is that the young adults recognize the need for God, encounter the presence and power of God, and learn the value of biblical fellowship. The ministry is currently reaching young adults through weekly Bible study, 1:1 discipleship, and the young adult community center they opened/run called ‘the Meeting Place’. Through these three components, people are given the opportunity to learn about God, find healing through the Spirit. and experience fellowship with other believers.

E: Megan.mayer@gemission.org

W: gemission.org P: 608-279-5433

Need: $1,200 in monthly support to continue serving at the meeting place in England.

Mark & Peggy Halvorsen

Mark & Peggy Halvorsen

Mark and Peggy Halvorsen started Teamwork Africa 2010 following the death of 2 y/o Habbukkuk from dirty drinking water, one of the two little boys they hoped to adopt. Their grief led them to visit the boys’ village and install a new clean water pump. Teamwork Africa works with local believers to share the love of Jesus through meeting physical and spiritual needs. We provide clean water through new and repaired pumps, provide school scholarships, and microloans. After 10 years, they were finally able to adopt Michael in Dec. 2020.

E: peggy@teamworkafrica.org

W: teamworkafrica.org

P: 715-271-8608

Need: $8,000 to provide matching grants to local Liberian churches to make disciples through developing self-sustaining projects.

Nathan & Kim Thompson

Nathan & KimThompson

Kim and Nathan have been missionaries in Mexico since 1986. They planted and pastor the Agua Viva Church in San Luis Potosí. And for the past 23 years, they have been identifying, training, and sending Mexican Missionaries to the most difficult fields of the World.

E: Natedave@aol.com

P: 210-557-2652

Need: $300/monthly support

Vicky Witt

Vicky Witt

Young Tepehuans girls come to my home and they find the opportunity of getting an education. All the while learning about the Word of God. Our mission of ‘soy mujer’ (I’m a woman) is to break the cycle of children having children. At the same time, we give them the chance to meet the loving God who created them.

E: witt.vicky@ymail.com

Need: $3,000 for vehicle repairs

Larry & Nilda Russell

Larry & Nilda Russell

I’m working with the Philippine Ministerial Association helping out where I am needed, holding conferences in different parts of the Philippines. Also holding seminars in different areas in the Philippines as the Lord leads.


E: wambdiska@hotmail.com

Rey Perez, Jr.

Rey Perez, Jr.

I have been a full-time missionary in Mexico since 1992 and I lead a ministry called Hands of Grace. Through this ministry, we have been able to provide several families in need with home makeovers, groceries, clothes, and thousands of children with shoes. Since 2009, we have blessed over 5,400 children with brand new shoes, socks, and their families with Bibles. Lord willing, in January, we will be blessing hundreds more with new shoes! During the outreach, we will share the Love of Christ and the message of salvation. With your help, we can reach many more families with the word of God!

E: reyperezjr@outlook.com

P: 210-418-5703

Need: $3,000 for school supply outreach

Nefti & Rachel

Nefti & Rachel and family

Our passion has always been to see a generation rise up and complete the Great Commission. Those believers would live with passion and dedication to see the gospel taken to the nations. Our family served in Mexico before being called out to a new field. We moved to Central Asia in 2015. Most of the believers here are the first of their generation and have no example of how to live out their faith. That is why we work with the local church through discipleship to train and empower them to reach their own people and the nations.

NEED: We are opening a recording studio for local believers to record podcasts, teaching series, devotional, evangelistic material, etc in their local language. We need $3,000 to buy the proper equipment for the studio.

Philip & Lucy Tolman

Philip & Lucy Tolman

Seedtime and Harvest Ministries has been working in Mexico since 1974. We are second-generation missionaries. We work as overseers as well as pastoring, mentoring, running the schools, and projects. We are full-time in the field of our calling. Our goal is to raise up missions-minded churches reaching out to local and foreign missions.

E: jptolman@yahoo.com

W: shmin.org

Need: $3,500 for vehicle expenses.

David Cerar

David Cerar

David has been a missionary to Mexico since August of 1982, and a missionary to Kenya since June of 1998. David ministers in 27 nations. He has started ministry training schools, works with youth, ministers, and potential ministers. He holds seminars, consultations, etc.

E: davidcerar@gmail.com

P: 210-289-3225

NEED: Car repairs and insurance ($3,500)

Stephen & Marcela Tolman

Stephen & Marcela Tolman

We are in San Pedro, Coahuila, Mexico. Out of the main church here, have been established many other works and churches, the smallest being about 50 people to the largest being over 1200, and everything in between. We pastor ministers and are constantly giving personalized mentoring and also training seminars. We send out missionaries and have developed innovative evangelism ministries, such as Saved by Soccer. We have evangelistic and discipleship soccer schools presently in Mexico, Honduras, and the U.S.

E: stephen.tolman@gmail.com

W: shmsanpedro2.blogpot.com

P: 210-529-2501

Need: $19,000 to finish off our ministry training center

Don & Amie Crabtree

Don & Amie Crabtree

Don and Amie have been full-time missionaries in Mexico since 1992. They have been involved in Church planting, Christian School planting and Missionary Radio Station planting. They have four children and 2 grandchildren with 2 more on the way.

E: treemex@gmail.com

P: 830-968-2328

NEED: $3,000 towards the purchase of a building for a pregnancy help center.

Bob & Darlene McCoy

Bob & DarleneMcCoy

We are a para-church organization that comes alongside national pastors and churches to train, strengthen, and encourage them.

E: bobanddar.mccoy@yahoo.com

W: vesselsofmercyministries.com

P: 989-670-2318

Need: $3,000 for book printing project – to equip churches and leaders.

Steve & Kath Mills

Steve & Kath Mills

We have been in full-time mission ministry since 1984. We have lived in Uganda, Haiti, Kenya, and Kuwait. The main focus of our ministry is leadership training and church planting.

E: smillskuwait@gmail.com

W: www.lighthouseoutreaches.com

P: 225-754-9333

Need: Monthly Support

Jerry & Connie Rodriguez

Jerry & Connie Rodriguez

FLM was founded by Jerry and Betty McSorley in 1961. We worked alongside them until the torch was passed. The vision has always been to go to poor, remote, hard to reach areas that have not been evangelized, build up a congregation, appoint a native pastor, and eventually build a church. The native pastors continue this plan. No village is too small. In 1984 the work expanded from Mexico to include India. Same plan…. train native pastors and help raise support to build churches, Orphanage, and feeding programs, day school, and sewing center that trains indigenous women.

E: conniejorodriguez@icloud.com

W: flmcentral.com

P: 956-750-7822

Need: $650 monthly support for teachers at day school and orphanage and sewing center in India.

Steve & Kim Salowitz

Steve & Kim Salowitz

Wycliffe’s mission focuses on empowering nationals to translate the Word of God into the language they understand best. My role is to ensure there is adequate training, consultant help, and financial resources to carry out the strategies and start-up of translations in English & Portuguese speaking countries of Africa. Without these resources, the task of people having access to a Bible they can understand would be greatly hindered. All of the projects I support are led by local translators. I work closely with other Bible translation missions and churches like Pioneer Bible Translators, The Word for the World, Mekane Yesus Church of Ethiopia, Kale Heywot Church of Ethiopia, national Bible Societies, and many others. Our vision is to start translation in the remaining 1500+ languages of the world that lack access to the Scriptures. The Word of God is essential to transform the lives of people as they convert and conform to Jesus Christ. If the Bible does not exist in their language how are they to conform to its message of love, hope, grace, forgiveness, and peace with God – even if the Bible exists in their national language? This has been my service and calling for 35 years now.

E: steve.salowitz@gmail.com

P: 817-879-6283

Need: Financial Support for the Zinza New Testament translation project. They need about $20,000 over the next three years.

Jacob Leonard

Jacob Leonard

I work in Peru South America to break generational curses of witchcraft and darkness, by spreading the light of Jesus Christ.

E: jakeinperu99@gmail.com

NEED: Monthly Support

Bob & Jeanine Solum

Bob & Jeanine Solum

The Compassion Connection provides a safe place for men and women to discover their true identity in Christ while stepping into a life of recovery from addictions.

E: jrssolum@yahoo.com

W: thecompassionconnection.com

P: 715-468-1055

Need: Monthly support of $700/month to meet the physical needs of our men (tuition)

James & Pam Clayton

James & Pam Clayton

Because many missionaries often lack resources and skilled craftsmen to help in their field of labor, we endeavor to meet this need by providing resources, encouragement, and minister the Word in services or leadership conferences, wherever the door is opened.

E: jandpclayton@aol.com

W: carpenterministriesinc.com

P: 903-826-8600

NEED: Monthly support

Jacob & Kimberly Mills

Jacob & Kimberly Mills

Pamoja Ministries aims to equip all Christians with a Biblical worldview, empowering them to be competent and confident facilitators of community transformation, resulting in more Christians, living with greater freedom, greater self-sacrifice, and greater expectations; making life better for everyone around them by providing servant leadership in all sectors of society.

E: jacobmills1211@gmail.com

W: www.pamoja.info

P: 618-589-1020

Need: Raising funds for a water tank and septic system for our new offices in Kenya, about $5,000.

John & Cindy Mortimer

John E. & Cindy Mortimer

Deep in the Amazon Jungle of Peru, South America is where you will find us ministering to the Peruvian & Native Indians that have yet to hear about the Lord Jesus Christ. We raise them up to become Pastors & Leaders, Men and Women of God that will last for generations. We have served and lived full time on the Mission Field in Peru for around 38 years. We have seen many healings & miracles and the hand of the Lord upon our lives and others we have trained and sent. Also, have a Rehab Center under our Ministry that our Daughter Melissa and Son-in-Law Carlos run. We use many kinds of different boats and soon to add Aircraft to that list to reach farther into the Jungle of the Amazon for the Lord. Until we bring them Jesus, all they know of the spirit world is Witchcraft. Our Hearts are for people to Know Jesus!

E: johnmortimerperu@gmail.com

P: 715-563-8868

NEED: A port to send, receive and maintain our boats and future aircraft ($50,000)

Wally & Diane Cassellius

Wally & Diane Cassellius

Working with World Indigenous Missions since 1985, we plant churches and train leaders in Cd. Valles, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and the surrounding area. Our mission to Reach the Lost, Teach the Saved and Send the Trained continues this year as we send missionaries to begin Houses of Prayer in the Circle of Silence, one of the least-evangelized areas of Mexico.

E: wdcassellius@gmail.com

P: 763-227-9255

NEED: $2000 to help buy sound equipment and instruments for the first House of Prayer and help with moving expenses and start-up costs.

Johnny & Betty Moffitt

Johnny & Betty Moffitt

WVIW ministers to prisoners and other neglected people in America and 26 nations around the world.

E: johnnymoffitt@wviw.com

W: www.wviw.com

P: 214-418-4093

Need: Sponsorships for couples at our “Marriage Seminars” in prisons. 105 couples needed at $200 ea. This covers two nights in a motel for the wife, 14 meals per couple, and teaching materials.

Mike & Elisa

Mike & Elisa and family

We have been in Asia since 1997 and have been running a foster home since 1999. In the fall of 2007, we opened another foster home for orphan boys. We also are involved in the distribution of Gospel literature and the Jesus film.

NEED: Winter heating fee