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SLFG World MIssions

We believe in the call to the Great Commission: that every one of us is called to share in the joy of bringing the good news of God’s salvation to the world.

We believe in, and support, a network of people that God has called to travel to foreign lands as well as many called to minister in their hometown.

October 16-19, 2022


The history

Founded in 1987, the Shell Lake Full Gospel World Missions Conference has grown to support over 60 missionaries all over the world!


The Future

We exist to unite as the body of Christ, to have fellowship and accountability, and to edify, encourage, and strengthen each other so we may glorify our King in all that we do.


SLFG World Missions Program Team

Pastor Reg Myers

Pastor Reg Myers

SLFG Lead Pastor

Pastor Reg Myers stepped into the role of Lead Pastor in November of 2016. He has continued to carry the flame for missions, further expanding the churches focus on world missions to include many local outreach opportunities.

Pastor Dan Slater

Pastor Dan Slater

SLFG Missions Pastor

Pastor Dan Slater is an Associate Pastor and SLFG Church and also serves as the Missions Pastor. Pastor Dan has a heart for missionaries and desires to offer more than financial support. He is full of faith believing God for increase for not only the conference, but the ministries it supports.

Paul & Joan Avery

Paul & Joan Avery

Conference Director

Paul & Joan Avery have been the Conference Directors for SLFG World Missions since 2006. With a heart for missions and for excellence, they are absolutely the force that pulls the conference details together. They work throughout the year with the missions board and also chair the missions committee.

Missions Board

Pastor Dan Slater

Pastor Reg Myers

Paul &  Joan Avery

Shari Sheehan

Kleon Cronk

Adelle Hodgett



Missions Committee

Paul & Joan Avery

Pastor Reg & Dawn Myers

Pastor Dan Slater

Phil & Pandie Hedlund

John & Krista Hedlund

Jim & Joleen Helbig

Josiah & Adelle Hodgett

Danielle Lagarde

Jeanne Leonard

Shawn & Heidi Zellmer

Shari Sheehan



SLFG Missison Program

Click below to read our official missions program policies and procedures.

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