Eric & Megan Mayer

Eric and Megan are originally from Wisconsin. They were married in 2014, and have two sons, Stephen (2) and Gideon (9mths). They believe God has a heart and passion for the English people of this generation; that He has a desire for them to leave behind the isolation and emptiness and be engaged with Him. The vision is to see a gospel-centered ministry take root among the young adults that builds leaders who impact their community for the Lord. Their prayer is that the young adults recognize the need for God, encounter the presence and power of God, and learn the value of biblical fellowship. The ministry is currently reaching young adults through weekly Bible study, 1:1 discipleship, and the young adult community center they opened/run called ‘the Meeting Place’. Through these three components, people are given the opportunity to learn about God, find healing through the Spirit. and experience fellowship with other believers.


W: P: 608-279-5433

Need: $1,200 in monthly support to continue serving at the meeting place in England.