John Vince & Megan Mortimer

I ” Vince” was born and raised on the Mission Field and called to be a Missionary at the age of 16. (4th. Generation Missionary), Vice President of our ministry in Peru. Our families have been ministering in the Jungle of Peru, South America way before I was born. To reach deep into the Jungles and Tributaries to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost there. We have used many types of boats over the years as the rivers are our roads. As our ministry has grown, we have found the need for Aircraft also. I became a pilot and we have been working on 2 light sport Drifters to hopefully soon be able to ship to Peru and use for our ministry there. As God leads we’ll continue to reach the lost of the Amazon. Thank you for your prayers & support.


P: 715-939-0923 Need: Funds to go towards airplane needs (parts, shipping costs, etc)